Colds in August


Totally had a different comic/post planned for today.  And then this happened. Now, I’m not someone who usually gets sick.  But Monday, I woke up feeling kind of crappy.  My nose was stuffed up, my sinuses were aching – at first I just thought it was allergies brought on by the sheer amount of dust… Continue reading Colds in August

We Interrupt This Storyline to Bring You an Announcement About Money

How am I supposed to save you guys if you keep FLYING AWAY?!

So, this week, I had to bring my car back into the shop yet again because I was sick and tired of it being a butt, praying that this time that they would actually find something wrong instead of handing it back to me and saying “Nope, couldn’t find a thing wrong with it.  Sorry.”… Continue reading We Interrupt This Storyline to Bring You an Announcement About Money

Walruses and Weddings: Facebook Friends

Legitimate questions, all of them.

I am not looking forward to the day when babies start showing up on my Facebook feed.  It’s gonna happen, though – any day now.  And I am not ready. Then again, I’m still not ready whenever someone’s new engagement/wedding photos suddenly pop up.  It’s like, “Wait, you’re engaged?  And now you’re married??  But, what,… Continue reading Walruses and Weddings: Facebook Friends

Walruses and Weddings: Worries

Bones is totally judging me right now. Just look at that expression on his smug stuffed animal face.

Who needs to worry when I can do the worrying for you? And yes, I do worry about human interaction on a daily basis.  In this case…I mean, I’m fairly certain a good portion of the wedding guests are my brother’s friends/future sister-in-law’s relatives whom I’ve never met (complete strangers – my other worst fear).… Continue reading Walruses and Weddings: Worries

Anti-Anxiety Walrus

Fun fact: walruses can weigh up to 2,000 pounds. So, in reality, more than my spine would be crushed.

  Kind of a rough weekend.  Lots of anxiety about lots of different things (work/my car/my future/the world possibly imploding).  Lots of worrying.  Does not make for a relaxing atmosphere. Thankfully, I’m feeling better now.  Thinking a little more clearly.  I wonder, though – if I did have an Anti-Anxiety Walrus, would I be worrying… Continue reading Anti-Anxiety Walrus

A Quiet Moment


It’s been a weird couple of days.  I don’t know.  I think my anxiety/depression ended up getting the best of me again and I was just not in the best of headspaces.  I’m not even sure why.  Was I tired?  Hungry?  Did I just not want to go to work that day?  Did I feel… Continue reading A Quiet Moment

Running: The Beginning

Nothing says "Not in Shape" quite like the feeling of having your lungs being ripped out of your back.

Since I graduated, I’ve had the pleasure of gaining all of the weight I lost in college back.  Which, of course, does wonders for my self-esteem, as well as forcing me to look at my sedentary lifestyle and say, “Welp, looks like I need to make some changes.” So, I decided to start running again.… Continue reading Running: The Beginning

Car Troubles: Epilogue

"Drew, that's not a car fairy. That's the neighbor's cat."

Yeah, I don’t know.  My car got a new alternator, the car was still acting up, took it back to the garage – they couldn’t find anything wrong with it.  Took it back home – it’s been working perfectly ever since.  Even the CD Player magically came back to life as I was out and… Continue reading Car Troubles: Epilogue

Car Troubles

I'm getting so much use out of that hammer.

So, my car has been giving me some trouble recently.  The CD player’s busted, the radio keeps resetting itself, and now my car keeps doing this weird hiccup thing whenever I reach 40 mph.  And this is all been within the last 3 days. But as you can see here, I think I’m handling this… Continue reading Car Troubles