Share the Music, People

"...I was just saying hi -" "MY BAND"

This comic was inspired by a number of comments I’ve seen on YouTube videos, mostly dealing with indie artists/artists who aren’t as well known as others.  People really like a singer, and wish that more people would listen to them as opposed to (fill in the blank here), yet they want to keep them a “secret”… Continue reading Share the Music, People

I’ve Got the Music in Me (and on iTunes!)

The "meh" doesn't happen often, but when it does, it is felt deeply.

The other day, I literally stumbled across a new singer on YouTube – Aurora, a Norwegian export whose music takes me places.  It happened just as drawn here: I saw a thumbnail of her on YouTube, I was intrigued, gave her a listen, decided to give the rest of her music a listen, and a… Continue reading I’ve Got the Music in Me (and on iTunes!)