High School Sketchbook

Really, there is no other option than to set it on fire.

  Looking through my high school sketchbooks was…an experience.  A super cringe worthy experience that made me want to throw them all outside and set them on fire. That isn’t to say that all the drawings were bad – there were actually quite a few from my Junior year that I would definitely consider keeping.  But… Continue reading High School Sketchbook

Technical Difficulties 2: The Interrogation

No Good Cop here.

If it’s not one thing, it’s another when it comes to my laptop.  First, it needed a new fan and battery.  Then, it decided to keep turning off despite the new fan.  THEN, the Wi-Fi didn’t want to work.  All in the span of a couple of weeks. Now it’s back home and all fixed.… Continue reading Technical Difficulties 2: The Interrogation

The Waiting Game 2: Paranormal Activity


As you can see, I’m still waiting.  I also appear to be possessed by some impatient demon who just REALLY wants to know about this job. But for real, though, it’s been about a week or so, and I am starting to get a little antsy.  Like, to the point where I’ve been checking my… Continue reading The Waiting Game 2: Paranormal Activity