Falling Leaves

I’ve really been enjoying this Autumnal season as of late, so I decided, why not do a quick drawing of Autumn?  Haven’t drawn him all season. For a while there, it felt like Autumn was never going to arrive.  The first couple of weeks in October were, to be perfectly honest, disgusting.  Way too warm… Continue reading Falling Leaves

Escape Room

Doesn't look like they're Willa's thing, either.

Escape Rooms seem to be really in, these days.  They’re kind of popping up everywhere, offering a whole host of themes to choose from, whether it be solving a murder mystery to trying to escape a military bunker. I finally experienced my first one this past weekend to celebrate my friend Chelsea’s birthday.  As seen… Continue reading Escape Room

Happy Spring?

Oh, Winter, you sassy lassie.

Looking back through the blog, I realized that almost the same exact thing happened last year.  We were on the cusp of spring when BOOM!  Winter decided that she wasn’t quite finished with us yet. Only major difference has been that last year, we were promised snow, and never really got it (freezing rain DOESN’T… Continue reading Happy Spring?


Hello from the big blue!

Just a quick picture of Daphne because I could/might’ve been extremely tired yesterday. Fun fact: the dumbo octopus’ “ears” are actually fins that they use to propel themselves through water. …the more you know.

Winter’s Arrival

*SNIFF* Got a tissue?

Let’s see. Frigid temperatures? Metric tons of snow (everywhere but here)? Various illnesses cycling around? Oh yeah. Winter’s here. And she is thoroughly enjoying herself.

An Autumnal Moment

  Ah, Autumn. Looks like he’s settled in.  For a while there, especially at the beginning of October, we all had to wonder, “Where the heck is he?”  But thankfully, he managed to amble on in and has given us some gorgeous foliage, lovely crisp weather, and an abundance of pumpkin spice.  Just a bit… Continue reading An Autumnal Moment