Holding On

"Just all over him, man. I remember the cheerleaders started a brawl over who got to take him to Homecoming. And then he got his modeling contract..."

Awww, somebody has a little crush on Joshua. Okay, maybe more than a little. And maybe just on his tattoos…

That Time of the Year

You would think so, Tabitha. But no.

Had a different comic planned.  Realized that I had to draw this comic instead.  Especially after Saturday. Summer Vacation has arrived once again, meaning that the library has now entered its busy season.  And holy crap, man, it’s already bananas.  Especially with one of the larger libraries nearby being closed for renovations and all.  They’re… Continue reading That Time of the Year

Meet the Olsens: Rodney

It COULD mean that he's an army veteran, Lars! ...actually, no, he's a veterinarian, it's exactly what you think it means.

This might explain why Willa is so comfortable rooming with a walrus, a red panda, and a reindeer. Also, I realize that I’m not sure if I have ever spelled the word “veterinarian” correctly.  Hm.

Meet the Olsens: Tabitha and Eleanor

"Holy crap look at that BUSH and that TREE and that OTHER TREE...!"

Pretty much sums up the difference between the twins: both liking the same things, but Tabitha being a bit more…enthusiastic about it.  Also possibly having a shorter attention span in comparison to Eleanor. Side note: I went through a phase back in middle school where I found twins and multiple births in general to be… Continue reading Meet the Olsens: Tabitha and Eleanor

Meet the Olsens: Joshua

At least he didn't say taxidermy, right?

Fun fact: while I was looking up “mortuary science,” I discovered that the University of Minnesota actually offers this as a major – meaning that this is totally plausible since the Olsens live in Minnesota. Oh, the serendipity of it all.

Meet the Olsens: Callum

Ugh, he's one of THOSE people...

Oh, those sporty, athletic types that just make you want to take a nap forever.  Always making the rest of us look that much more out of shape… Side note: I have caught American Ninja Warrior a couple of times.  My emotions bounced between “Holy crap, that was freakishly impressive” and sobbing over a package of… Continue reading Meet the Olsens: Callum



Yes indeed, Willa’s family making a surprise appearance, all the way from Minnesota!  That’ll take care of that homesickness right quick, I’d wager. I can’t tell you how weirdly excited I was to draw this comic, because I love creating/drawing new characters.  Plus, now I get to show a bit more of Willa’s background, where… Continue reading Surprise