Meet the Olsens: Callum

Ugh, he's one of THOSE people...

Oh, those sporty, athletic types that just make you want to take a nap forever.  Always making the rest of us look that much more out of shape… Side note: I have caught American Ninja Warrior a couple of times.  My emotions bounced between “Holy crap, that was freakishly impressive” and sobbing over a package of… Continue reading Meet the Olsens: Callum



Yes indeed, Willa’s family making a surprise appearance, all the way from Minnesota!  That’ll take care of that homesickness right quick, I’d wager. I can’t tell you how weirdly excited I was to draw this comic, because I love creating/drawing new characters.  Plus, now I get to show a bit more of Willa’s background, where… Continue reading Surprise


Suspicions + 20.

Hmmm… Also – quick shout out time – it’s my dad’s birthday today!  Happy Birthday, Dad.  I love you so much and hope you have a lovely birthday on this bright, sunny day!

Dawn of an Idea

Operation Make Willa Feel Betta is a GO.

If only I was this good at coming up with ideas on the fly in real life. Living vicariously through my comics!

Willa Phone Home


Poor Willa. We’ve all had our homesick moments, right?  Those moments where you miss everything about home – family, friends, certain places – and you’d just rather be there than anywhere else in the world. Not a fun feeling.

A Rainy Start

Well, what's all THIS then.

Several things. First, this is an accurate representation of what the weather has been like for the entire month of May: gray and wet.  Not even close to spring like.  Hopefully we’ll got some sunshine soon. Second, would you just look at that living room shot in Panel 5?  Not sure why I got so… Continue reading A Rainy Start