Going to the Movies

Maybe Detective Pikachu can help figure out what the heck's going on with Cleo's necklace.

Yep.  Still haven’t seen Avengers: Endgame.  Actually not entirely sure when I am going to see it, ’cause I’m so far behind on the MCU movies.  Also not sure that I even really care enough to go see it.  Blasphemy, maybe.  But really I just don’t. Detective Pikachu, on the other hand…well, as the hardcore… Continue reading Going to the Movies

A Man Called Ove Giving Me Feelings

Ha ha ha OUCH.

Pretty much how it’s been reading this book. In one chapter, I’m reading about Ove getting ready to kill himself in his garage.  The next, he’s punching a clown. Don’t get me wrong – I’m loving it.  Frederik Backman is an amazing writer, (almost) all the characters are endearing in their own different ways (we… Continue reading A Man Called Ove Giving Me Feelings

The Next Pokemon Game, aka My New Reason for Being

Hi, I'm 27.

There’s a new Pokemon game coming. And I’m friggin’ stoked. I’m pretty sure I made noises that most grown adults usually don’t make upon seeing the announcement.  But can you blame me?  I’ve been playing these games for the past 18 years or so (which is a good two-thirds of my life at this point,… Continue reading The Next Pokemon Game, aka My New Reason for Being


Dear Lord, I look like a gremlin here.

For a while there, I wasn’t sure why it take forever and a day for my phone to charge up.  Was praying it wasn’t the phone. Thankfully, it was the cord, which did indeed have to be in the exact right spot to get any sort of charge any at all. Overall, I will take… Continue reading Charging

All About Raffie

Look at these cuties. Can you HANDLE it?

WARNING: This post will mostly be me gushing over the family gecko.  Just wanted to let you know. “When did we become lizard people?” – my mom. This past Thanksgiving, we had to say goodbye to our dear diva gecko, Donnie.  She passed away from a genetic condition, as it turns out, after almost 10… Continue reading All About Raffie


Well, got my wish: snow.  And a nice, decent amount of it without it being too overwhelming (at least, in my neck of the woods).  So it only felt right that I draw Winter herself, enjoying her time of year with a couple of animal friends. Fun fact: with this one snowfall, we’ve already gotten… Continue reading Winter



Of course he talks in all capitals.  He’s a 7 foot tall…you know, I’m not entirely sure what he is. …gargoyle.  I’m going to go with gargoyle, for now.