Tattoo News

"Not even the symbol for Pisces?" "...but I'm a Virgo." "So?"

So, about 3 or 4 hours after my last post about considering getting a tattoo, I exited Rick’s Tattoos – a highly rated tattoo shop in Northern Virginia – with a bandaged arm and a huge grin.  I’d done it.  I’d gotten my first tattoos. It didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would.… Continue reading Tattoo News

Adulting Achievement+1

This is what an adult looks like. I assume.

  Is it weird to be proud of this?  Because I am.  Especially because of how much I hate using the phone/doing anything medical, really. Not entirely sure why about the latter.  I know I’m not the only one.  But for some reason, having to make a doctor’s appointment or getting medication – it’s strangely… Continue reading Adulting Achievement+1

Election Day

Pretty sure I'm not the only one feeling this way.

Hoo boy. This has pretty much been my state of mind for the past month or so: staring at the calendar, just wanting November 8th to be over and done with, whilst trying to not curl up into a ball and letting these awful waves of anxiety brought on by this election to take over.… Continue reading Election Day

Birthday Birthday

Difference between the two: being considered a legal adult. That's pretty much it.

Yep.  Turned 25 this past Saturday.  Went back to check the Birthday post last year to see if, indeed, anything’s changed. The answer?  Not really, aside from the fact that I am now firmly in my mid-twenties, as opposed to being on the cusp of it.  Still thrown off by people who are in fact… Continue reading Birthday Birthday

Beanie Babies

One huge heap of nostalgia, coming up!

The other day, my friend Chelsea and I were wandering around the mall when we decided to head into the Toys R Us Express, just to see what we could see.  The usual was there – exorbitantly priced Lego sets, creepy pregnant stuffed animals, the latest Superhero toys – all that jazz.  Then, at the end… Continue reading Beanie Babies

Spring Cleaning

Ewww, Eliza, I wouldn't be touching that rug if I were you...

Decided to clean up my room this past week.  And yes, I found ALL of these scattered around my room.  What I was doing with all those tissue boxes, I have no idea.  Maybe practicing to be a hoarder or something.  I must’ve had at least 8 or 9.  Not sure what I was planning… Continue reading Spring Cleaning

On a Budget

Two of my least favorite things: math and trying to be an adult.

Yeah.  Been thinking about money again this week.  It was this sudden realization that, hm, maybe I should start actively trying to save money for the future so that one day, one day I might actually be able to move out and continue forth in adult life and whatever. To be honest, I think I… Continue reading On a Budget

I’m Wide Awake (Or am I?)

Blarghen aasdanglkfvnnzbxcvhb.

First of all, whooooooo!  I’m back!  Just needed a quick break to sort of recalibrate after having perhaps not the greatest of weeks.  I was letting my anxiety/other things get the best of me, so I just needed a moment to bring it all together again.  And here we are, once again. Secondly, this is… Continue reading I’m Wide Awake (Or am I?)

There’s a Leak in the Ceiling! (AAAAHHHHH)

Maybe not that bad, but close enough.

Brownie points for whoever gets the title reference. Yes, yet another somewhat exciting event from last week.  Woke up Friday morning, lounged around for a bit, then got up to go downstairs – and I seen towels and a pot, attempting to stave off the drip drip drip seeping down from the ceiling. We’ve had… Continue reading There’s a Leak in the Ceiling! (AAAAHHHHH)