Walruses and Hauntings: Always

Now is the time to call an Exorcist.

What?  No, this isn’t voicing some of those deep, dark thoughts that lurk at the back of my mind concerning this blog.  Please. Also: Sedna is an Inuit goddess of marine life.  Apparently, her father cut off her fingertips and thus were born seals, sea lions, and of course, walruses. Ain’t mythology fun?

Black and Orange All Over

No, Columbus Day does NOT count as the next big holiday.

Someone’s just a bit into Halloween, as you can see.  Already got her costume ready and everything. I know that it’s a bit early to be talking about Halloween.  But really – who hasn’t gone into a store to find black and orange decorations everywhere, with giant honking displays toting jumbo packs of candy and… Continue reading Black and Orange All Over

Happy Independence Day!

I've drawn way too many comics of me sweating.

  Doesn’t look like our walrus friend is too fond of the fireworks.  Poor guy.  And I’m just as amazed as Willa that I’m able to hold him up.  Lord knows that in real life, my arms would probably snap in twain and I’d be squashed. … Happy Independence Day, everyone!  Go out and enjoy… Continue reading Happy Independence Day!