A Hole in the Ceiling

I know she's small, but she's not THAT small.

We do indeed have a hole in our ceiling.  My shower had a pinhole leak that was creating a really unsightly blob-thing on the kitchen ceiling.  Now we’ve got a bright shiny new pipe, no leakage, and a interesting view of my bathroom’s plumbing.



So there’s this meme going around about super realistic-looking things that turn out to be made of cake. And, well, Eliza just wanted to make sure that Lars wasn’t hiding something from her… As it turns out, the fact that Lars is made of a cake is a lie. (OLD SCHOOL MEMES FOR THE WIN)

That Googling Thing

That sweet embrace of unconsciousness..

With all that’s going on right now, we need to be cognizant of not just our physical wellbeing, but our mental health as well. Case in point: when COVID-19 first settled stateside, I could not stop googling the news about it.  I’d just have to.  Next thing I know, it’s two hour later and I’ve… Continue reading That Googling Thing

Ugh People


I am well aware that I have a very small audience. A handful of people reading this blog, a slightly bigger handful following me on Instagram – not a whole lotta eyeballs looking at my work. So, one of the things that I do find myself fantasizing about is gaining that audience, having people follow… Continue reading Ugh People

The Slightest Sound

Neither Nigel nor the burrito deserved that.

Still getting used to the new car, as you can see, even though it’s already been two months. There have been times where I’m like “NO NO NO NOT AGAIN – oh, wait, it’s just my knee knocking against the paneling.”  Or I tune into a certain sound and turn off my music to find… Continue reading The Slightest Sound

To My Car, Part 2

Let's not make a scene now.

I should’ve known what a handful you were going to be the moment that blasted clicking noise started. It wasn’t too long after I’d gotten you – according to the blog, it was June of 2015.  Just driving along – don’t remember where to – and suddenly, I heard this little click popping up every… Continue reading To My Car, Part 2

To My Car, Part 1

Once again, avoiding drawing an actual car.

Dear 2005 Ford Focus, It’s been a ride now, hasn’t it (excuse the pun). I remember driving you off that car lot up in Maryland and being absolutely terrified.  My grandpa and stepgrandmother paid 7000 dollars for you – in cash – and suddenly, you were mine.  I had to drive you all the way… Continue reading To My Car, Part 1