Things I’ve Learned at the Gym: The Kettlebell

Blasted little bugger...

Dear Kettlebell, Let’s just get this out of the way: I hate you. Why is it that in a gym full of large, intimidating machines that look like they could cause some serious damage to my person, that you, essentially a fancy metal ball with a handle on it, are the most awkward, rage inducing piece… Continue reading Things I’ve Learned at the Gym: The Kettlebell

Resolutions: Losing Weight

"But Greek Yogurt's just not the same-" "IT CAN BE IF YOU GAVE IT A CHANCE."

Is this one of the most cliche New Year’s Resolutions out there?  Yes.  Does it still ring very much true for me, though?  Absolutely. Not gonna lie, I’ve always been a big guy.  Even as a child I was always the chunky one, the last one to finish up the mile run a good 5… Continue reading Resolutions: Losing Weight

Wreath Wrath

Alternate titles include "Albacore Decor" and "Haddock the Halls."

Because who would actually want a wreath of dead seafood adorning their walls for Christmas?  Unless you’re into that.  I don’t know your life.  Probably keeps the guests away. Hang on…

We Interrupt This Storyline to Bring You an Announcement About Money

How am I supposed to save you guys if you keep FLYING AWAY?!

So, this week, I had to bring my car back into the shop yet again because I was sick and tired of it being a butt, praying that this time that they would actually find something wrong instead of handing it back to me and saying “Nope, couldn’t find a thing wrong with it.  Sorry.”… Continue reading We Interrupt This Storyline to Bring You an Announcement About Money

Technical Difficulties 3: The Happening


  So, I’ve thought about getting a drawing tablet for a while now.  You know, something else to thrust me into the modern age and possibly help me start my own webcomic, which is something I’ve been thinking about for a while now. The problem is that I am not the most technologically savvy person… Continue reading Technical Difficulties 3: The Happening

Student Loans

Annoying little weirdo.

So, I’m a chronic worrier. I worry about a lot of things, most of which I have absolutely no control over.  Whether it be the drought out in California or whether or not the world will literally implode today, I have spent days stuck on thinking, “Oh God, what if this happens or that happens… Continue reading Student Loans

Technical Difficulties 2: The Interrogation

No Good Cop here.

If it’s not one thing, it’s another when it comes to my laptop.  First, it needed a new fan and battery.  Then, it decided to keep turning off despite the new fan.  THEN, the Wi-Fi didn’t want to work.  All in the span of a couple of weeks. Now it’s back home and all fixed.… Continue reading Technical Difficulties 2: The Interrogation


Those things pack a wallop.

One of my favorite/least favorite things to work with when I’m cooking are onions.  I love the taste of onions, and I think that they are the bacon of the vegetable world in that they improve the flavor of a lot of foods.  In essence, onions are great to cook and eat. However, I also… Continue reading Onions

The Waiting Game 2: Paranormal Activity


As you can see, I’m still waiting.  I also appear to be possessed by some impatient demon who just REALLY wants to know about this job. But for real, though, it’s been about a week or so, and I am starting to get a little antsy.  Like, to the point where I’ve been checking my… Continue reading The Waiting Game 2: Paranormal Activity