A Weird Kind of Wake Up

Someone's gonna need a new blanket.

Brought to you by “I Actually Woke Myself Up by Licking My Blanket a Couple Nights Back.” Except it wasn’t cake in my dream.  It was a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Yeah, I don’t know. Sorry about the quick break!  Last week got weird fast.  But now, back to our regularly scheduled updates (hopefully)!

Walrus Studies: Naptime

Livin' the life right there.

Looks like our walrus friend is doing pretty much what I wanted to all of yesterday – settling down for a much needed nap.  Because after a long week, isn’t that what we all would want/need?  Just to curl up under a blanket, surrounded by pillows, and doze the day away?

Buy this Mattress

"No, don't fall asleep! GET OUT OF BED. YOU HAVE WORK IN AN HOUR."

I mean, they’re not wrong.  I do need a new mattress.  Mine is literally falling apart at the seams. But why are these mattress ads so long?  I mean, come on, man.  I’m not going to watch a 5 minute ad before a 2 minute video.  Seriously.


Would probably save a ton on groceries this way.

Think about it. The sweating.  The heat.  The allergies.  The metric ton of annoying little bugs flying around.  The amount of people that suddenly seem to pop up everywhere.  I wouldn’t have to deal with it.  I’d just be able to hide out in my room and take a nice, three month long nap. I’d… Continue reading Hibernation


It's going to be a long night...

A while back I mentioned how I didn’t start understanding the beauty of a nap until after college.  What a revelation it was, to lie down and sleep in the middle of the day!  Who knew? However, I’ve realized that there are a few problems – for me at least – that come with napping.… Continue reading Overnapping

Drew’s Steps to Road Trips: Epilogue

Eliza's doing what I wish I could've done post-trip: nap for hours.

Yes, yes, I know. Technically, the road trip is over now.  The car has been unpacked for the final time, the AC is working overtime to cool down the house, and you’re actually sleeping in your own bed tonight.  What more is there to be done? As it turns out, plenty. It’s time for the… Continue reading Drew’s Steps to Road Trips: Epilogue

Drew’s Steps to Road Trips: The Trip Home

The two things you do on the way home: sleeping and anticipating being at home.

It’s been a few days now since you’ve arrived in Colorado.  You’ve partied it up, bonded with your relatives’ dogs, and basically been having a grand old time on vacation.  But now, as with all things, it must come to an end.  And so begins the final part of your road trip: the journey home.… Continue reading Drew’s Steps to Road Trips: The Trip Home

Drew’s Steps to Road Trips: Hotels

She takes up a lot of room for being all of 11 pounds.

It has been a ridiculously long day of driving.  You’re all starting to nod off, when finally, you turn the corner to see that beautiful Best Western beaming down the block.  You have reached your next destination: your hotel. Now, if you’ve planned accordingly, you’ve managed to already book a hotel/series of hotels prior to the trip… Continue reading Drew’s Steps to Road Trips: Hotels

Drew’s Steps to Road Trips: Driving

The four things you can do in the backseat: sleep, eat, read, and be annoying.

It’s finally happening.  You’re packed, prepped, and now off on your road trip.  It’s time to talk about the most important and central part of this entire endeavor: the actual driving/riding in the car. First of all, there is the matter of the driver: the person whose job it is to actually get you all… Continue reading Drew’s Steps to Road Trips: Driving