Intro: Jeff the Reindeer

Other holidays be damned.

Here he is – the reindeer with the most Christmas spirit, Jeff the Reindeer! I feel bad for Jeff sometimes.  I don’t draw him as often as everyone else and he kind of just…fades into the background.  Until it’s Christmastime and I remember that he exists. I think the main reason I decided to keep… Continue reading Intro: Jeff the Reindeer

An Intro to Intros

Thank you DOT.

So. In an attempt to reach a larger audience, I have started posting some of my comics over on my Instagram (@i_draw_walruses).  And I’ve been a grand old time – the algorithm is a beast, but I’m working on it. However, in my excitement to do so, I have not really provided much background/context on… Continue reading An Intro to Intros

Holiday’s End

Oh, hello Jeff.

I did actually have this thought when I discovered that the last Christmas cookie had been eaten – the Holidays are over now.  Time for whatever’s next. Clearly, Jeff doesn’t agree.