The Name Game

Not necessarily what they meant by April showers...
Not necessarily what they meant by April showers…

Confession time: I am a name nerd.

I find names to be fascinating – always have.  And ever since I discovered the website Behind the Name so many years back, it’s only escalated from there.

What exactly do I find so fascinating about the subject of names?  Maybe it’s because of what they are, a person’s name.  What they go by for the rest of their lives, essentially making up a huge part of a person’s identity.  And the fact that a big part of being a parent is bestowing this onto a child, having to pick something that they’re going to be known as forever (unless they change it for whatever reason), intrigues me.  Basically, the child is at the whim of the parents – so they better not screw it up.

But how does that parent suddenly arrive at that name?  What is it about it that makes them think, “Ooooo, I love this name – it’s the one”?  Surfing through the name websites, as I am wont to do, I’ve realized that they’ve come from a number of sources.  Maybe it’s a family name that they’re attached to, or one that’s been passed down, like an heirloom (interesting how names can work like that).  Maybe they read it in a book – after The Hunger Games came out, I noticed that Katniss was frequently looked at on Nameberry (whether or not it was actually used, though, I’m not sure.  I hope not).  Or maybe they simply heard it in passing and fell in love with it.  That’s happened to me a number of times, hearing a name and latching onto it, throwing it into the name pile.

Now, obviously I am not a parent.  But I am a writer/creator, and one of the biggest parts of character creating is giving them a name.  Once that name is there, it’s suddenly like, “Holy crap, they’re that much more alive.  They actually have a name.”  Curious to see if that’s the same with parents naming a child – like, “Whoa, we’re having a baby.”  Also wonder if it’s the same when they’ve settled on a name, but the idea wanders across if they should change it.  I’ve had moments where I’ve sat back and thought, “Maybe I should change the name.  Does it fit?”  But in the end, I realize that there’s not much I can do about it.  It is that character’s name.  And I can’t just magically hand them a different one.  Last names I think you change a bit more easily.  First names, no.  They’re definitely an Emily or a Lex or a Jake.  No bones about it.

Another part of names that I like are the meanings behind them and where exactly they came from.  After all, they have to have started  somewhere, right?  For example, let’s use my own name, David Andrew.  According to Behind the Name, David appears to be derived from the hebrew word for “beloved.”  Meanwhile, Andrew comes from the Greek word for “man.”  So together, my name essentially means “Beloved man.”  Which, hey, isn’t too bad, right?  Not sure if my parents were aware of that, but still cool.  See what I mean though?  All names have some meaning behind them, dating back to who knows when.  It can be a specific word, as seen here with David, or it can be derived from a place name, like Ashley, which denotes an ash tree grove or clearing.  Sometimes it can come into play when someone’s settling on a name (“What do you mean ‘Molly’ means ‘bitter’?!”).  Other times, people are just like, “Whatever.  I still really like the sound of Molly.”

There are also the popularity of names which I really enjoy.  I just like to see what names are attracting parents’ attention.  I know that Emma, Isabella, Sophia, Olivia, and Ava are super popular for girls right now, as well as Noah, Mason, Jackson, Jacob, and Liam are for boys (note: this is not in any order, these are just the same names that I’ve seen on numerous Top 10 lists).  This pretty much leads me to believe that there is a third class out there with three girls who have to be Emma B., Emma D., and Emma L.  Or something like that.  One of the perils of deciding to go along this route, I think.  Never really had that problem myself being Drew – on the rare occasion I ended up in a class with another Drew, it was like, “WHAT.  WHAT IS HAPPENING.  WHO ARE YOU.  IMPOSTER.” Cue Donald Sutherland ala Invasion of the Body Snatchers scream.

Ahem.  Anyway.

This does lead to the topic of naming trends over the years.  What names were popular when and such.  Right now, older names are making a comeback.  Names like Charlotte and Penelope are climbing the charts – both names that I never knew growing up.  All through school, I had Kellys, Megans, Hannahs, Sarahs, a whole slew of Katies/Katherines, but never any Charlottes or Penelopes.  I have had discussions with my mom about this, what names were popular when she was growing up.  She has told me that her classes were filled with people named Sandy or Karen or Denise, alongside Lisa and Diane – names that I have never heard on anyone my age.  Or any little ones as well.  If you know of a little Karen, please let me know.  I’d be really intrigued.  Interestingly enough, my mom is Audrey, a name which I know is currently on trend.  I think she maybe knew one other person with that name growing up, as did I.  But now I think it’s blowing up.

Side note: I do realize that I’ve spent a lot of time talking about girls’ names as opposed to boys’ names.  But boys’ names have a tendency to stay more or less the same over the years, with exceptions of newer names like Jayden, Aiden, Cayden (names I personally don’t like).  But you still have your requisite Christophers and Michaels, so there’s that.  Maybe girls’ names are just more interesting as well.  Hmm.

Interesting to see what names aren’t exactly in use anymore.  There was the Jennifer juggernaut that exploded during a good portion of the 20th century.  Nowadays, though, I’ve yet to see a little Jenny running around.  Or an Ashley, going back to that name.  Really big name from about the mid-eighties through the nineties.  Now, not so much.  My mom has mentioned that she never knew an Ashley growing up.  So, it sort of just appeared, then disappeared.  Also interesting to see what names were just outside of my parents’ own generation, like Patricia, my grandma’s name.  Apparently, they were a few years too late to have people in their age group with that name.

My closest encounters to what children are being named these days is at the library, working in the kids’ section.  I’ve heard names that I grew up with, like Samantha and Michael, of course.  And then there are the newer names, like Hunter, Jackson, Adelaide, and Leo.  The strangest one by far was one where I had to stop what I was doing to process that I just heard some mom call their daughter Antigone.  Seriously.  Antigone.  There are vintage names, and then there’s that.

People can have some really strong reactions to names, as I’ve come to discover reading comments on name websites.  Like borderline vitriol.  I remember looking up the name Annie, once, and just reading this one comment which railed into the name, calling it way too cutesy and just plain stupid and you should never use it as a name.  I had sit back and think, “Really?  But it’s Annie.”  Obviously, this being the Internet, other people had to jump in and take that person to task.  Now that I think about it, I think that that commenter’s name was Annie.  Might’ve said something about them, to be honest.  But yeah.  People can just really hate a name.  The sound of it, the spelling, the meaning – Iris had a bunch of comments of people saying that naming a child this would be like naming a child Nostril.  Again, a bit much for me.  Or if it has a kreatyve spelling, I know people rail into that.  I kinda have to agree.  Like, Mia works just as well as Meigha.  Why complicate it?  Or just attempting to make up a name that makes no sense.  We’ve all heard the La-a pronounced Ladasha story, right?  Is that even true, I don’t even know.  But there are some names out there that just make you shake your head.  Or want to shake the parent and say, “ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR DAMN MIND?!”  Looking at you, Kim Kardashian.  North West, please.

People could also have bad connotations with certain names as well.  They knew somebody back in the day with that name who was a massive bully/jerk/all around nasty person that just spoiled the name completely.  I know I certainly have a couple that spring to mind, like Courtney or John.  Just people who pop up whenever I think of that name.  And not people I necessarily want to think of.  Just saying.

There are also names that just cannot be used, period.  For huge, social implicative reasons or otherwise.  For example, you can’t name a kid Adolf/Adolph anymore because duh.  And there’s the fairly recent example of Isis.  I remember reading a few years back that Isis was this glamorous, sleek name that would work perfectly.  Now it’s got this giant “NO NO NO NO” stamped across.  Because obviously.

There are also the guilty pleasure names – names that you secretly love, but would be hesitant to actually use.  For me, that’s Hestia.  Would work for a book character.  In real life, I’d have to seriously think about.  Or any Irish name outside of Ireland.  I love names like Siobhan and Aoife.  They have a certain magic to them that conjures up a lovely image of green.  But to get people to pronounce them correctly would be a chore and a half.  Sooooo, maybe not?  Really, a lot can be taken into consideration when naming a child.

The topic of name stealing has popped up a lot in regards to baby naming.  Somebody brings up a name that they’re definitely thinking about using, only for someone else to use it first.  For me, that all depends on what the name is.  If it’s something like Wolfgang, then maybe yes, that person has some explaining to do.  If it’s something like William, however – I mean, come on.  It’s William.  Not the world’s most uncommon name.  Any thoughts on this would be welcome.

By the way, thinking about William, I’m certain that people don’t use certain nicknames when it comes to names like this.  I’m fairly there aren’t any little Bills running around.  They’re probably all Wills or Liams.  Just thinking out loud, here.

It’s obvious that people have a list of names that they love.  And I am no exception.  I have compiled a list of names that I just find to be amazing or intriguing, in some way or another.  And maybe if I ever did decide to have kids, they would end up with one of these names.  Like, if I had a girl, she’d would more than likely be Samantha.  I have always loved that name (I blame American Girl for that).  She’s followed up by Veronica, Willa (yes), Miranda and – I’m not kidding – Theodora.  If it was a boy, he’d be Luke.  Other guy names I love are George, Zane, Cole, and Edgar.  I think this does show my own personal preference when it comes to names.  For boys I like darker, short and solid names.  Girls I like to have a bit more intricacy to them, something that swoops up and around and lends itself to nicknames, something that runs in my family.

My own name, as stated before, is David Andrew, Drew for short.  Named after two of my dad’s favorite biblical characters.  I’ve never been David, though, always Drew.  Which has been something that’s been a bit hard to explain to people.  In class, whenever a teacher asked for what we liked to be called, I’d always say, “Drew.”  Which would lead to questions like, “Why are you Drew if your name is David?”  Or if they heard my middle name being Andrew, “Your name is Drew Andrew?!”  Which, no.  I did for a while claim that I was called Drew because I like to draw (I was seven, mind you.  SEVEN).  Anyway, I do like being Drew – fits me quite well, I’d say.  More so that David.  Not that I dislike David, but again, felt more like a Drew.  Of course, there were moments where I’d wimp out on correcting someone about my name (10th grade gym).  Or when teachers wanted to call me *sigh* Dave.  No, Drew please.  If you’re going to call me by a nickname, call me by the right one, please.

Some people are really against nicknames, by the way.  Like super against it.  My family is not one of them.  I’m Drew, my dad is Mike, and my brother is Buster (real name Michael)- a nickname my parents swore he’d outgrow.  26 years later and nope.

Names.  Fascinating, aren’t they?  I just thought I’d take a moment to discuss something that I have a personal interest in.  Something that I’ve been delving into for a long time now.  And it really goes beyond what they appear on the surface.  It’s been diving into history and meanings, the ebb and flow of a name’s longevity and what makes people love something versus hate it with a passion.

Maybe it’s me being a writer.  Maybe I’m just kinda weird.  But hey, it’s a hobby.  And there is so much more I could talk about.

Seriously, though, if you do know a child named Karen, let me know.  I’d be genuinely interested.

Drowning in Free Food (Not the Worst Way to Go)

Mom has too many friends.
Mom has too many friends.

Since Thursday, we’ve had a steady flow of free food being dropped off at the house, courtesy of my mom’s slew of friends who have formed a meal train due to my dad’s back surgery.  This is a lovely trend that they do for each other, mostly when somebody has had a baby (which is a lot, these being my mother’s friend), to take some of the strain off of their friend.  My mom has been in plenty of these, mostly serving up her vegetable stew.  This is the second time, however, we’ve been on the receiving end on a meal train – the first being my mom’s heart attack couple years back, and now my dad’s back surgery.

So right now our fridge is stuffed to the brim with a variety of tin trays and a multitude of leftovers.  Not that I’m complaining – I mean, it’s free food, and thus means my mom and I don’t have to cook.  Plus, it’s food that we don’t usually have, like baked ziti or chicken pasta bake.  Always interesting to try something new, and always delicious.  I believe we’re going to be delving into some chicken enchiladas tonight – mmmm…

It’s just that there’s a lot of it.  Like, a lot a lot.  So many leftovers that will probably serve as dinner for a good solid week or so.  We barely made a dent in the baked ziti last night, so that’s going to be there for a while.  And we only just finished up the chicken pasta bake we got Thursday.  Safe to say, there won’t be a whole lot of cooking on our end for a good long while.

Again, though, it’s free food.  Tasty, tasty, free food.  So, all complaints will be kept to a minimum.  If there are any at all.  Which, I mean, there aren’t.  Because free food.  Did I mention the free food?


Like I actually carry around a cleaning cloth.  Which might actually be part of the problem...
Like I actually carry around a cleaning cloth. Which might actually be part of the problem…

Yeah, I really do need to clean my glasses more often.  It’s always the same process – I realize that my glasses are filthy, so I clean them off, and it’s like “WHOOOOAAAAAA I CAN ACTUALLY SEE NOW.”  I then promise myself I’ll clean my glasses more often.  Then I promptly forget for a few weeks.  And repeat.

Not my best habit.

Dude, You’re Getting Adele

I Draw Walruses: on the cutting edge of pop culture references, as seen with the title.
I Draw Walruses: on the cutting edge of pop culture references, as seen with the title.

True story: I decided to finally listen to Adele’s new song “Hello,” because apparently it’s breaking all sorts of records and people won’t stop talking about it.  First off, it’s a really good song, and second, as the video ended, I realized that I was, in fact, tearing up.

Might’ve been me being tired, or allergies, or the video just seriously tugging at some heart strings, but yeah.  I teared up at an Adele music video.

Black and Orange All Over

No, Columbus Day does NOT count as the next big holiday.
No, Columbus Day does NOT count as the next big holiday.

Someone’s just a bit into Halloween, as you can see.  Already got her costume ready and everything.

I know that it’s a bit early to be talking about Halloween.  But really – who hasn’t gone into a store to find black and orange decorations everywhere, with giant honking displays toting jumbo packs of candy and skulls to the masses?  It’s the next big holiday after a 3 month drought of major, marketable holidays.  We are starting to edge closer to that Holiday season: where the holidays stack on top of each other and as soon as one ends, BOOM – gone are the jack o’lanterns and skeletons, up come the Santas and the Christmas trees.  No pilgrims, though – Thanksgiving always gets the short end of the stick, there.

I honestly have mixed feelings towards Halloween.  Growing up, we really didn’t celebrate it much.  I only went Trick-or-Treating twice.  I went as a 1920’s Gangster both times.  Still a pretty awesome costume, if I do say so myself.  But yeah, Halloween just sort of came and went in my house, and it still does.  We didn’t have any real Halloween decorations – mostly just what my mom calls “Fall decorations,” which equates to a crap ton of pumpkins and lots of orange/red stuff.

That isn’t to say that I dislike it.  No, there’s a certain level of enjoyment surrounding it in my opinion – the free candy, the celebration of scary movies/horror which I like much more now than I did as a kid, that sort of thing.  I think, though, that I prefer holidays that maybe mean a bit more.  Like Thanksgiving, or Christmas – my two favorite holidays of all time.  There’s food, there’s family being brought together, a general feeling of good cheer and merriment.  And I’ve never gotten that from Halloween.  That’s more of a “Fun” holiday, I guess.  More campy and outrageous in comparison to the others.  Still better than Valentine’s Day, though.  Valentine’s Day has this whole list of requirements to really join in on the festivities.  Halloween you can just curl up with some candy and a horror movie and be like, yeah, I’m celebrating the day.  Whoot whoot.

So yeah.  Halloween in T-minus 38 days.  I’m sure someone out there is counting.  There are some people who REALLY love Halloween.  Just not me.  But I like it.

At the Book Festival

So many book lovers in one space CAN YOU HANDLE IT.
So many book lovers in one space CAN YOU HANDLE IT.

This past weekend was the National Book Festival in Washington, DC – a celebration of books and the people who both create them and read/live/breathe them, i.e. my family.  This year was its fifteenth year – which is mind boggling to think about, especially since this was my fourteenth year of attending it (I was ELEVEN going to my first one.  Holy CRAP).

I have gone to every single Book Festival except for the first one, since we were currently living overseas at the time.  Not that we missed much – apparently, it was held inside the Library of Congress and wasn’t supposed to be very good.  Which I think is to be expected of anything’s first run out the gate.  Anyways, then they moved outside to the National Mall, which gave it a lot more space to work with and allowed for more people to attend.

This year, and last year, they’ve had to hold inside the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, though, since the National Mall is currently undergoing some sort of renovation, because when in Washington, DC is something not being renovated, seriously.  Last year…wasn’t the greatest, admittedly.  We didn’t do much except walk around a bit, grab some posters, and avoid getting trampled.  I think we were just trying to get used to the new place, as were the people running the event.

This year was much improved.  They moved some things around, moving the Book Sales, the States Pavilion, along with their usual children’s activities and other elements downstairs where there was much more space to spread out.  This allowed for a much more fun experience of going through the States Pavilion – basically, a tour of the states and US territories and their literary claims, aka Tons o’ Free Stuff Central – as we weren’t completely squished together and trying to not run over small children.  The Louisiana table was packed, as usual, with children trying to snag themselves some Mardi Gras beads, and maybe some adults (*cough*).  Last year, I can’t remember which table, I wanna say Montana, but I tried to take a pencil, only to get my hand smacked and told that they were only for the kids, which left a bad taste in my mouth for the rest of the day.  This year – much more generous.  Seriously, they were like, “You want a pencil?  Here, take one.  Take a pen.  A bookmark.  HAVE IT ALL.”  And I was like, hells yeah.  By the time we got out, my dad’s bag was approximately the size and weight of a small child, he got so much stuff.

There were also a few tables that I’d never seen before.  One had a display of book sculptures – turning books into works of art.  Another featured those adorable, little Free Libraries – little birdhouse like structures that basically let people trade books for free.  So cute – and so elaborate!  Like, seriously, there was this gorgeous, midnight blue one with white trim that they were giving away to some lucky winner.  Not me, obviously, otherwise I’d be like “LOOK AT THIS.  IT’S MINE.”

There was a balloon artist as well, making balloon hats, swords, flowers, stuff to keep kids entertained.  Of course, this was usually followed by a loud pop, then some kid crying.  Called it.

Because of the space, food carts were set up on the very ends, offering lunch and other snacks so that people weren’t turning into complete monsters.  Mom and I stopped by this little caribbean stand and ordered their jerk chicken and rice.  Smelled amazing – tasted like Satan stabbing our tongues.  So friggin’ hot, man.  We had steal some of Dad’s pizza just to cool our tongues down.

Next to the book sales, a big white wall was set up, asking people to write what they would miss if they were illiterate, a major problem across the world.  It sparked a very interesting conversation – what would it be like if we were illiterate?  I honestly don’t think I’d be able to function, at all.  It’d be like missing out on this massive joke that everyone else was in on.  I mean, how could you even get around?  There’s a need to read everywhere you go.  It’d almost be like not being able to use one of your senses.  And for someone who’s been reading for as long as I can remember, it’s just very strange to think about.  Very strange indeed.

Of course, there were books.  Books EVERYWHERE.  The Book Sales tent was packed, per usual, with tons of people looking for the latest books from their favorite authors.  I picked up a book called “Where’s Walrus and Penguin?” because, well, come on.  It’s in the title of this blog.  Walruses.  It was actually a sequel to a book I got last year called “Where’s Walrus?”  The author, Stephen Savage, was actually attending this year.  Didn’t get to see him, but I got his book!

Then, there were the authors.  Usually, we try to get some autographs, but this year was more of a listening year.  Getting to kick back and listen to authors talk about writing and their new books.  I got to listen to a couple this year – Peter Sis, a children’s book author, whose talk was super short, but insightful, and Rachel Renee Russell plus daughters Nikki and Erin, the minds behind the Dork Diaries series.  Now, I’m a little above their age group, but it was probably the high point of the day listening to them speak.  They were adorable – they wore matching animal prints, Nikki the illustrator, who looked like the main character, actually drew some of the audience members while her mother spoke, Rachel was so down to earth and seemed genuinely surprised at how successful her series was doing.  When she announced that Dork Diaries was being made into a movie, she seemed so excited!  And she got some amazing questions from the crowd.   I mean, I had to take a second look at some of the kids asking questions.  “How do you deal with rejection letters?”  “What inspired you to start writing?”  “How to deal with writer’s block?”  Very insightful questions, I tell you.  And of course, when she said, “Write what you know,” Mom immediately turned to look at me to be like, “I told you so.”  Yes, Mom.  I KNOW.

The downside was that they had to clear the room before the next speaker, Jon Scieszka, who Mom and I wanted to hear speak.  But apparently, we had to leave and get back in line, which was ridiculously long and really not worth it.  A stupid rule, in my opinion.  And one of the downsides of shoving the Children’s authors in a smaller room.  I mean, the line for Buzz Aldrin was ridiculous.  They had to create another time slot for him!  It was about this time that we decided it was best to head home, before we got too tired to really function.

I do enjoy the Book Festival a great deal.  Mom has told me that she and Dad do this for me, the writer/artist of the family.  I have to admit, I do get inspired going to the Fest.  It’s like a feeling of, Oooh, I want to be here one day.  I mean, I need to be writing more to do that, granted.  And I’m trying.  The dream is to get published one day and have people read my books.  It’s a dream I’ve had for a while now – probably since childhood.  And getting able to meet some of my childhood heroes, like Tomie DePaola, Jon Scieszka, Kathleen Krull, Patricia Polacco, Marc Brown, R.L. Stine, Jack Gantos (just to name a few) – it’s mind blowing.  And exciting.  As well as discovering new authors, like Jon Klassen or Suzy Lee.  It’s a load of fun.  And listening to them speak, giving advice and showing how they work/write – truly, truly inspiring for a younger writer.

All in all, if you’re a bookworm/aspiring author, go.  Just go to the Book Festival and have a great time.  14 years now and I still get excited when the list of authors attending pops up and we get to plan our day.

And remember – read, folks.  Read everything.

Colds in August


Totally had a different comic/post planned for today.  And then this happened.

Now, I’m not someone who usually gets sick.  But Monday, I woke up feeling kind of crappy.  My nose was stuffed up, my sinuses were aching – at first I just thought it was allergies brought on by the sheer amount of dust kicked up by the rapid amounts of house cleaning going on.  Then, as Monday night rolled around and I found myself tossing and turning in bed, my head pounding and feeling like it was stuffed full of cotton, I realized, nope, this is a full blown cold.  I am actually sick.

Yesterday was not a fun day.  Still went into work and actually managed to get stuff done, all the while feeling like someone was rubbing sandpaper on my tonsils.  I sort of had to – we were seriously backed up with books and needed all hands on deck (still not recommended).  After that, though, I went straight home and proceeded to do nothing except drink copious amounts of fluids and watch YouTube videos, whilst praying that this would clear up by the wedding.  I mean, I was planning on going anyway, regardless of whether or not I was coughing up my lungs, but it would be nice to attend and, well, not do that.

Feeling better today, thankfully – got a much better night’s sleep last night, and my head’s cleared up a bit.  Had a nose bleed, though, in the shower, which, you know, kind of terrifying.  But all in all, I’m recuperating quite nicely, I feel.  Hopefully by Friday I’ll have gotten this bug out of my system.  In the meantime, I’m going to be taking it nice and easy for the next couple of days.  Just fluids and YouTube, with the occasional warm shower.

Side note: Warm showers feel amazing when you’re sick.  I don’t think I’ve ever been quite so excited to hop in and let the steam seep into my sinuses.  Also, I’ve noticed that when you’re sick, your human interaction skills go to pot and you just want everyone to go away and leave you alone.  Trust.

On the Fridge

A bit harsh, perhaps, but seriously, who are they?!
A bit harsh, perhaps, but seriously, who are they?!


First off, I do recognize some people, of course – family members, old friends.  But sometimes a photo will randomly appear and I have be like, “Who the heck are you?”

They either end up being some obscure family member that I’ve never met or some friend of my mom’s with her family/new baby (LOTS of those)/wedding announcement for her child (again, lots of these as well).

At this point, I’ve learned that it’s best to just grab what I want from the fridge, nod at the new photos, and leave it there.


Just off frame, my mother's shaking her head, thinking, "They better save ME one."
Just off frame, my mom’s shaking her head, thinking, “They better save ME one.”

NOTE: What is about to follow is a completely non-sponsored gushing over a product.  Although, hey, Astro Doughnuts, if you want to, feel free to.  I’m open to being paid in donuts.  Forever.

So, my mom and I have been meaning to check out this little doughnut place in DC called Astro Doughnuts for a while now, ever since we saw them in the Washington Post when they were doing some sort of donut competition to see who had the best donuts in the area.  And their Creme Brulee donuts came out on top.  It’s been on our list of things to do in DC for ages now, but never got around to doing.  This past Wednesday morning, though, we finally decided, “Okay.  Let’s get some donuts.”

So, we got up and out the door at 8:30 (early, for me), got down to the Metro with all the people actually going to work in DC, and made our way into the city.  We got into the shop – nice little stand, cool sort of indie vibe, smelled liked donuts, some outdoor seating that was already full – grabbed a dozen, and were back home before we knew it.  The trip as a whole was ridiculously easy.  Like, I was just waiting for the other shoe to drop.  The Metro to break down, or to be ridiculously late, not being able to get out of the parking lot, something.  But, no.  Super, stupidly easy.  By the time we got home, I was starving.  And the donuts just smelled so GOOD.

Finally, mom and I settled in, and gave the donuts, which we had been waiting FOREVER to have, a try.




First of all, I can never go back to other donuts.  Ever.  Dunkin Donuts?  Please.  Krispy Kreme?  Never liked you anyways.  Like, get out casuals.  Astro Doughnuts – them’s some real donuts.  So light and melt in your mouth.  Just, umf.

I can say unequivocally that their PB&J donut just might be the best donut I’ve ever had.  It tasted so much like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, it was mind-blowing.  I had to just sit there and take it all in.  The jelly filling was amazing, adding a little bit of moisture and tartness to the donut, with the peanuts on top adding some texture and crunch to the donut.  Like the real thing.  Even had that sort of filling feeling that one gets after eating a PB&J sandwich.

The Creme Brulee donut?  What an amazing concept.  I’ve never had a donut like it.  Biting through that caramelized sugar shell, coupled with the delicious creme filling inside – like biting into a creme brulee.  I can see now why this, and the PB&J, are two of their regulars, alongside the Maple Bacon (my mom’s favorite – never got to try it, the two we got vanished) and the Vanilla Glazed.

Also tried their Nutella donut (a special of the day, I believe), because Nutella.  Lovely.  Just, lovely.  Loved the hazelnut taste and the chocolate shavings on top.  So good.  SO GOOD.

All in all, I am so going back.  I need to.   I need those donuts again in my life.  I also need to try their fried chicken.  Apparently, it’s supposed to be super tasty.  I give this place a 10/10.  For realsies, you guys, go check them out.  They’re actually expanding with a shop in Falls Church (yay for local businesses!).


Side note: is it doughnuts or donuts?  Or does it even matter?  And what is with this correlation between donuts and fried chicken?  Probably the fryer.  Hm.  Also, this is the most I’ve said the word donut.  One more time – DONUT.  Alright, I’m done.