Gone with the Cupcakes

Couldn't you at least saved me the spoon?

Baked goods never seem to last long in my house.  Case in point: the Sweet Potato Cupcakes I made to kick off the Holiday Baking season, a month long celebration of all things sweet to go with the festivities, as well as a deprivation of most of our baking ingredients.  Turned out nicely enough –… Continue reading Gone with the Cupcakes

The Holiday Potoo


  So, if you don’t know what a potoo is, I highly recommend Googling it.  It is simultaneously the most hilarious and terrifying bird ever.  Basically, it looks like it has seen something too terrible for words and like it wants to eat your soul, all at the same time, especially the really big ones… Continue reading The Holiday Potoo

Send in the Reindeer

Jeff the Reindeer returns!

Well, folks, that time of year has finally come.  The time of year where we say goodbye to pumpkins and pilgrims and say hello to evergreens and Christmas lights!  It is finally Christmastime – one of my all time favorite parts of the year.  Well, at least to me it’s Christmastime.  I mean, Lord knows… Continue reading Send in the Reindeer