Inktober 2019, Day 4 – Freeze


I think he lost.

Just like I lost track of time!

…or I was in Williamsburg for the past few days and had no access to a scanner.  But technically, I still drew something AND showed it to someone on the same day, so it still counts!

(Williamsburg was awesome, by the way.  First time going in 17 years of living here.  Got all the history and more.)

Introduction to Inktober

My sketchbook is ready.

Perhaps my favorite stories that I’ve done on this blog are the Halloween stories.  They’ve changed my view on Halloween, they’ve got working both on my writing and my artwork, and I feel like I put a lot of work into them.

That being said, last year’s story…I’m not going to lie, I don’t think it was my best work.  It went on for way too long, the ending was too abrupt, and I’m not sure if the monster entirely made sense.  I also think I overexerted myself, trying to get it all done, and part of that was due to Inktober.

I believe I explained what Inktober is before, but for a quick refresh, it is this drawing challenge for artists that spans the entire month of October.  There is a new prompt everyday, typically one word, that artists have to follow.  There are also all kinds of other Inktober-like challenges that have sprung up as well that tend to be more specific, like comics or are more Halloween focused in general.  The point of all of these, though, is the same – to get people to draw.

Last year was my first year doing it.  I posted all of my Inktober drawings up on my Instagram, as well as here in January (only a few months late).  And I had a blast!  It really helped me stretch my mind, got me thinking about what I could do, and probably was some of my best work I’ve produced in a while.  And honestly, it made me mad at my cringeworthy attitude towards Inktober beforehand.  Seriously, I had this weird, superiority complex that I didn’t need to do it, that it was for people who didn’t draw or something.  Which makes no sense at all, clearly.  I mean, it’s for everybody, artists and non-artists alike.  I was a moron, basically.

The point is, this year, there isn’t going to be a Halloween storyline.  Instead, I want to focus more of my time on Inktober, so I’m not spreading myself too thin.  And those drawings will be posted here!  Excitement!

There will be a few days where there might not be a post because I’ll be out of town.  BUT that doesn’t mean I won’t be drawing.  It just means they’ll be posted later.  They will be up on Instagram, though (PLUGS).

So, that’s going to be October!  I’m excited to get into Inktober, and see what happens!  Whoo!

Ego of Spring

Spring needs to take a PILL.

She got a couple of comics.  What more does she want?

In all honesty, though, I have gotten a bit haphazard with uploading.  It has been this lovely mix of being tired from work, feeling like I don’t have enough time, and yeah, general laziness.  But I am working on rectifying that.  Got some comics in the works, and I’m not giving up this blog that easily.  It’s been 4 years of work, and I’ve never kept a project going for this long before.  So why stop now?

And Now, Something Completely Different: Inktober 2018, Part 3

Here we are!  The final batch of Inktober drawings.

Something else I really enjoyed about doing this was coming up with these new characters that kept popping up throughout the month.  So who knows – maybe they’ll show up in here at some point…?

We’ll have to see.

Brand new comic up tomorrow!

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