Walrus Studies: Walrus in Springtime

Bless you.

Awww, look at this walrus, welcoming us all to Spring. What?  No, he’s not feeling completely miserable due to the onslaught of allergies.  He’s just tearing up because Spring makes him so happy (hence the tissues).  He doesn’t feel completely stuffed up and that his eyes are constantly irritated.  And his throat certainly doesn’t feel… Continue reading Walrus Studies: Walrus in Springtime

Winter’s End

Of course the walrus is happy.

Just when you think it’s over, Winter decides to have one last hurrah.  Like this past Thursday and Friday, when it dumped 6 inches of snow in Northern Virginia with some rather frigid temperatures. Now, I think Winter has definitely moved on, if yesterday’s massive snow melt and Spring-like temperatures are any indication.  And it’s supposed… Continue reading Winter’s End