Allergies Arise

This is why Cleo always has a fire extinguishing spell on hand during Spring.

Isn’t that the way life goes? One moment, everything’s fine, then the next thing you know, you’re being teleported on top of the personification of a season due to a witch’s magical sneeze? …or maybe’s that’s just in this universe.  Who knows.

Alternate Uses for Your Christmas Tree

AUTHOR'S NOTE: These will only work if you have an artificial tree. If you still have a real tree up, it's probably dead by now and you should toss it.

…yeah. We literally just took our tree down yesterday.  It was beginning to clash with the Spring decor. I did float the “alternate holiday tree” idea past my mother – with Easter coming up, we could just throw on some Easter eggs, a few rabbits and chicks, a couple of crosses, and BOOM!  Instant Easter… Continue reading Alternate Uses for Your Christmas Tree

In Like A Lion…

Sick burn, I guess?

Spring’s making a comeback. Snow’s starting to melt, the temperature’s starting to rise, and we’re seeing more sunshine than clouds. …eccchhh.

Snow Dance

Every little bit helps, right?

It’s not that I believe that the Snow Dance works or anything. BUUUUUUT we did get a solid 2-4″ of snow after I performed it Sunday night, so I would like to take some credit, at least.

Winter’s Return

"Where the heck were you in February?" "Sorry. Spring locked me in a closet."

It’s gotten really, really cold around here as of late.  Like after a month of ridiculously warm weather, Winter finally decided to show up to the party.  And apparently, she’s bringing with her some wintry weather as well. Now I don’t know how much we’re gonna get.  Neither does anyone else, what with estimates being… Continue reading Winter’s Return

Walrus Studies: Pumpkin Patch

"You'll make a GREAT pie...eventually..."

Here we have our walrus friend, spending a nice, crisp Autumn day hanging out in a pumpkin patch, looking for the perfect one to add that nice touch of Fall.  He thinks he’s found the right one – and so, it appears does his red panda friend. Sorry about the radio silence on Wednesday.  It’s…well,… Continue reading Walrus Studies: Pumpkin Patch

Autumnal Worries

"Seriously, man, stop checking Accuweather every 2 seconds." "BUT I MUST KNOW IF IT CHANGES."

…yeah, I’d be lying if I said that I don’t do this every Fall.  I’d also be lying if I said that I don’t check the weather forecast at least two months out, because I worry that it won’t cool off at all and it’ll just be warm forever.  Because I do.  And Accuweather is… Continue reading Autumnal Worries

Summer Heat

And yet ELiza's the only one smart enough to stay indoors.

I’m done with summer. It’s been way too hot for my liking, especially this past August.  All I have to do is literally walk outside, and I immediately start dripping sweat.  I just can’t get comfortable, especially at night, when I want to snuggle under the blankets – but if I do, I end up… Continue reading Summer Heat

That Time of the Year

You would think so, Tabitha. But no.

Had a different comic planned.  Realized that I had to draw this comic instead.  Especially after Saturday. Summer Vacation has arrived once again, meaning that the library has now entered its busy season.  And holy crap, man, it’s already bananas.  Especially with one of the larger libraries nearby being closed for renovations and all.  They’re… Continue reading That Time of the Year

April Showers?

Of course the walrus is enjoying this.

I had a whole other cartoon planned out. Then Saturday morning happened. Or rather, the weather on Saturday morning happened. Not going to lie, it was a little surreal watching snow fall in April.  Granted it didn’t stick, but still, very very strange.  Especially because they weren’t little piddly flurries, but big honkin’ snowflakes drifting… Continue reading April Showers?