Walruses and Hauntings: The Frosted Horror?

Imagine if the ghost in Poltergeist just baked cupcakes. It'd be a completely different movie.

Not sure how cupcakes could be scary.  Unless they were, like, chocolate and orange cupcakes.  Or chocolate and cherry cupcakes.  Basically any combination of chocolate and fruit.  I prefer those two flavors to be as separate as possible.

Walruses and Hauntings: Always

Now is the time to call an Exorcist.

What?  No, this isn’t voicing some of those deep, dark thoughts that lurk at the back of my mind concerning this blog.  Please. Also: Sedna is an Inuit goddess of marine life.  Apparently, her father cut off her fingertips and thus were born seals, sea lions, and of course, walruses. Ain’t mythology fun?