About the Comic

Welcome to the world of I Draw Walruses!

What started out as a comic diary and has slowly morphed into something else entirely.

A much different beast and place all together.

A chaotic place where animals talk, witches work in libraries, and monsters live right next door.

A place where rules can be bent, things can twist, and everything can spin wildly out of control.

At the center of all this is the Main House, home to an eccentric batch of roommates attempting to navigate life and this bizarre world in which they live.

An adventurous walrus, an aspiring novelist, a mischievous red panda, a dour shapeshifting shadow, a Christmas-obsessed reindeer, and an adorably strange Eldritch Abomination – all thrown together under one roof belonging to the Artist Avatar, the creator who has no idea what he might be doing at this point, but is having a good time (while doing the best he can).

It’s odd.  It’s strange.  It’s magical and wild.

So stop by and sit down.

And try to avoid the glitter – Eliza gets it everywhere.