Drew: The artist himself.  An anxiety riddled college grad who works at a library and is attempting to understand this whole adulting thing.  It’s a work in progress.  Will bake you something if you’re nice enough.

Lars: The talking walrus.  Drew’s Hobbes to his Calvin.  Was on a journey around the world when he got hung up in Northern Virginia.  Loves fish and making friends with random people/animals.

Willa Olsen: Drew and Lars’ roommate/friend/voice of reason.  A Minnesota transplant who got a job in the area and needed a place to stay.  And now she’s here.  Enjoys clothes with lots of ruffles, a good book, and tea.  Lots and lots of tea.

Jeff the Reindeer: Meant to have been around only for Christmas.  Now resides in the backyard.

Eliza: Energetic red panda who bounces off the wall and likes to climb on people’s heads.  Always up for an adventure or two.  Ridiculously adorable.  Obsessed with glitter.

Cleo Culpepper: Drew’s coworker at the library.  Speaks with a pronounced stutter that makes her shy away from people.  Practicing witch.  Has an enormous stuffed animal collection.

Dot: The living shadow.  An old friend of Lars who has recently resurfaced due to artists’ nostalgia.  Can shapeshift into anything.  Prone to sarcasm.  Enjoys hanging out with her crew of monster buddies.

Quincy Appleby: The newest roommate.  Definitely not human – more like human adjacent.  Extraordinarily polite.  Enjoys flowers and being in the garden.

The Paw Pioneers: Eliza’s crew of animal pals, consisting of Cordelia the North American river otter, Daphne the dumbo octopus, Lulu the giraffe, Julie-Anne the fennec fox, and Inez the goat.

The Cthulhu Family: The roommates’ next door neighbors.  Consists of single dad Pip and his brood of mini Cthulhus Bram, Mary, Charlotte, and Edgar.  Children prone to mischief/getting into some manner of trouble.

The Seasons: Quartet of personified seasons that all room together and get on each other’s nerves.

      • Spring – Basically what happens if you mixed a Disney princess with a cheerleader.  Very loud, very chipper, very much a drama queen.
      • Summer – Wants everybody to get outdoors and relax.  Loves to work out.  Prone to sunburns.
      • Autumn – The peacemaker of the group.  Very creative and artistic.  Sometimes gets lost in his own head.
      • Winter – A bit chilly.  Enjoys prodding at Spring’s nerves.  Can be a bit unpredictable.

Rupert O’Keefe and Abel Sullivan – Two of Dot’s monster pals.  Rupert is the grouchy Greater Imp; Abel is the lively Elemental.  Both are madly in love with each other.