Things I’ve Learned At the Gym: Hunger Pains

Food glorious food, man.
Food glorious food, man.
Food glorious food, man.

Every time I come home from the gym, I’ve always been super incredibly hungry.  I don’t know why.  My best guess is that I’m finally expending some calories, and my body’s like, “Wait, what’s happening?  Where are they all going?  We need more!”  Of course, I can’t just gorge myself.  That would pretty much negate everything I just did at the gym.

I’ve also begun to notice that every time I get hungry now, it’s intensified.  Not like hangry, where I slip into grouch mode if I don’t get something to eat, but like this stronger, must eat something now sort of feeling.  Again, burning calories.  Get used to it, body.

Hoping this is kind of normal on some level for people going back to the gym.

In other, non-gym related news, my dad’s doing just fine!  He’s at the hospital, recuperating from his surgery, which went well, thank goodness.  But for the most part, he seems good!  Doesn’t seem to be in too much pain, he’s acting like himself, color’s good and he’s not lying there all pallid and weak – everything’s looking okay.  He’s probably going to be home in the next 2 or 3 days, and then begins the long, recovery process.  Just glad that he’s fine and that this surgery is done and over with.


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By Drew

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