We Interrupt This Storyline to Bring You an Announcement About Money

How am I supposed to save you guys if you keep FLYING AWAY?!
How am I supposed to save you guys if you keep FLYING AWAY?!
How am I supposed to save you guys if you keep FLYING AWAY?!

So, this week, I had to bring my car back into the shop yet again because I was sick and tired of it being a butt, praying that this time that they would actually find something wrong instead of handing it back to me and saying “Nope, couldn’t find a thing wrong with it.  Sorry.”  This would usually end with me driving home and screaming internally, convinced that my car is the Michigan J. Frog of cars.

This time, though, there was good news: they actually found something wrong.  The instrument panel cluster wasn’t working right, which affects things like the clock, the radio, the CD player, all the bits and bobs that light up on the dashboard, that sort of the thing.

The bad news: it costs 1100 dollars to fix.  Which I don’t have.  I don’t even have enough to go halfsies with my parents.

Which leads me to my point: yet again, I am broke, and money is ruining everything.

Like seriously, I’m trying to save money to move out/do something amazing, but it keeps vanishing into the ether.  Student loans.  Car repairs.  Gas.  It adds up alarmingly fast.  My parents are having issues, too, what with mortgages and wedding stuff coming up (see, I worked the wedding into this, somehow).  It’s alot to deal with all at once financially, for the whole family, and leads to an important lesson about adulting that has been really pounded into me recently: money doesn’t exist for long.  It’ll go, and it’ll go fast.  Something will always be there, to take your cash.  I know I’ve said this before on a blog post, but the point still stands, and seems to be one of the most important lessons I’ve taken in since graduation.  Money is a ginormous pain to deal with.

Hopefully, once my car is fixed – which will happen after a couple of paydays, so I’m going to deal with the fritzy clock/radio and the blinking lights for now – I’ll be able to start actually saving money up.  And as soon as other things get out of the way, we’ll be able to breathe a bit easier.  For now, it’s a lot of grinning and bearing and watching those dollar bills fly away, laughing and waving at us on the ground, cursing.

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