Someone Went to a Concert

…cheese shouldn’t be used as what, Lars?

…so I went to a concert Wednesday night.

And I’m still riding that high.  Will probably be riding it out through the next week or so or whatever.

I think a few things factor into this.

  1. I saw one of my all time favorite bands live in person.  And it was completely by accident.  I thought I was just seeing Sum 41 and Simple Plan – both bands that were playing in the background throughout my teenaged years.  I did NOT know that Set It Off would be opening for them.  Didn’t even realize it until we were standing in line and security was letting everyone know that Sum 41 wouldn’t be showing up.  But Simple Plan AND SET IT OFF would still be putting on a show.  Took me completely by surprise.
  2.  It was an AMAZING show.  Both bands brought it hard.  I’ve been so hyped up on Set It Off, but Simple Plan was great, too.  So much energy, so much fun – it was fantastic.  I sang along to half of Set It Off’s songs and just generally vibed along.
  3. I basically did a bunch of things that I don’t usually do/wouldn’t normally have the nerve to do.  I went to a concert.  I bought some bonafide band merch.  I – I actually MET THE BAND SET IT OFF AND GOT THEIR AUTOGRAPHS.  And a really shaky selfie!  And a hug from the lead singer!  My GOD.  I’m still replaying it.  I feel like such a fanboy.  And I almost didn’t do it!  The band had come out while I was buying merch, signing stuff, and I was like, OH MY GOSH.  But I should probably skidaddle.  So I was wandering back to where my friends were with my shirt, when I stopped dead in my tracks and thought, “Weeelllllll…”  Then proceeded to turn around and wait in line.  Weirdly proud of myself for doing so and not letting my anxiety take over.  I think I was running on pure adrenaline, honestly.  But I DID IT.
  4. The surreality of it, I suppose.  Like, these are bands that I listen to when I’m sorting books at work.  I’ve seen their music videos.  And there they were – right there.  Almost bizarre.

Man.  Just, such a great time.  Loved every minute of it.

Except for the sweating.  I could’ve done without that.

And the weirdly wet floor.

And people just generally be gross and throwing their trash on the ground…

But small potatoes that will not take away from how I’m feeling right now.

I will be randomly giggling to myself for the next week.


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By Drew

The Head Walrus himself, so to speak.

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  1. Happy to read about your experience about going to the concert. Especially happy to know how it made you feel so good! Hope you get to do something fun again real soon.

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