Cicada to the Face

The birdbath might not be the best hiding place.  I’ve seen what the doves do in it…

Don’t worry, Dot.  Pretty sure that the cicadas are all starting to die out, judging by the massive pile of dead bugs on our porch.  And they have gotten quieter – haven’t been hearing that low alien drone as much recently.  So it might be the start of the end.

Is it weird that I’m gonna kind of miss them?  I dunno.  Circle of life, I suppose.

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By Drew

The Head Walrus himself, so to speak.


  1. I don’t despise cicadas quite as much as Dot, but I have reacted violently when a cicada has hit me in the face. No more walks for me, until these crazies are gone.

  2. Glad we don’t have the cicadas here in Colorado!
    Drew, you continue to amaze me at your creativity, drawings, and writing. You truly have a gift! I couldn’t begin to do what you do!

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