The Walrus and the Selkie

Lounging around together.

Eyyy, it’s my Walrus Merman, Clark!  And he has a friend!

I’ve been wanting to draw a selkie (basically seal people that can turn into a human by shedding their seal skin) for a while now, and Mermay seemed to be the perfect opportunity for that.

I’m…not a hundred percent sold on the name, but for now, selkie boy is Silver.  Both him and Clark are good friends of Lars.  Actually, all the mermaids are good friends with Lars.  Because why not?  It’s Lars.  He gets along with just about anybody.  He met them some time during his travels abroad.

I may have to do a storyline about that.  We’ll see.

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By Drew

The Head Walrus himself, so to speak.

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