Cupcake Fail

Oh dear Lord.
Oh dear Lord.
A somewhat honest depiction of what I like to call “Black Friday” – black being the burnt remnants left behind in the oven.

A few notes on baking cupcakes:

1. Flour is extremely important to baking.  Too much can result in some very dense cupcakes.  Too little can result in exploding cupcakes.  See picture for details.

2. Baking soda – also very important to baking, obviously.  Be careful how much you add in, or else your cupcakes may just decide to continue to expand until they overflow the pan, turning into a giant, soupy mess.  Again, see picture for details.

3.  Nutella doesn’t lend itself to baking all that well.  That is all.

4. Treat yourself to some Ben and Jerry’s in order to make yourself better about your biggest kitchen disaster yet.  It will help – trust me.

5. Resolve to try again next time.  This time, though, just shoot for some plain ol’ chocolate cupcake and leave out the Nutella.  It doesn’t want to play nice.

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By Drew

The Head Walrus himself, so to speak.

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