Friday’s comic was supposed to kick off a new mini storyarc.  However, soon after I posted it, I took another look at it and thought, “This doesn’t seem right.”  It wasn’t the lead-in that I really wanted, plus I’m not sure that I like how it turned out overall.

So, I decided to try again for today.  I had it all pencilled in, then got about halfway through the inking of it, then realized that there was something wrong with this one, too.  No matter which way I tried to look at it, I couldn’t get this particular story off the ground.  So I stepped back a bit, and came to the conclusion that this wasn’t working out at all.

Whatever story I was planning didn’t fit with this overall comic.  It was, to be honest, too weird to work with this universe.  Which, considering that this comic features talking animals and witches, is really saying something.  But it just did not gel.  The characters I was planning on bringing in did not work, and needed to be thought out a little more design-wise.

And really, I didn’t want to do this arc.  I wasn’t as excited as I have been with past storylines.  I think I was when I first conceived this idea, but now, with two false starts and the general surrealness of this “planned” story, it’s kinda like, meh.  Which is frustrating because I thought it was this great idea, but I know that if I continued to draw it, I would a.) not enjoy it, and b.) would have to force myself to finish it.  Which I don’t think works for any kind of artform, if you have to muddle your way through something just to get it done.  It happened in art school, and I’ll be damned if I let it happen to me now.   And really, there are other comic ideas that I have that I’d much rather achieve than whatever this was.

So, long story short: I don’t have anything for today.  I’m really sorry, but there will be something up on Wednesday.  Friday’s comic will serve as a monument to whatever the heck I was trying to do but somehow got garbled between the fruition of the idea and the actually drawing of it.

In the meantime, feel free to check out some of my other storylines that actually worked.  The Halloween stories, Willa’s family visiting, the couch – heck, even the Dentist story from last year.  Links will be below.

And as always, happy reading!

https://idrawwalruses.com/?p=428 – Walruses and Hauntings

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https://idrawwalruses.com/?p=874 – Road Trip

https://idrawwalruses.com/?p=1126 – The Couch

https://idrawwalruses.com/?p=709 – The Dentist

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