Drew: The artist himself.  An anxiety riddled college grad who works at a library and is attempting to understand this whole adulting thing.  It’s a work in progress.  Will bake you something if you’re nice enough.

Lars: The talking walrus.  Drew’s Hobbes to his Calvin.  Was on a journey around the world when he got hung up in Northern Virginia.  Loves fish and making friends with random people/animals.

Willa: Drew and Lars’ roommate/friend/voice of reason.  A Minnesota transplant who got a job in the area and needed a place to stay.  And now she’s here.  Enjoys clothes with lots of ruffles, a good book, and tea.  Lots and lots of tea.

Jeff the Reindeer: Meant to have been around only for Christmas.  Now resides in the backyard.

Eliza: Energetic red panda who bounces off the wall and likes to climb on people’s heads.  Always up for an adventure or two.  Ridiculously adorable.