Things I’ve Learned at the Gym: Planks

If your arms aren't spasming, it means you aren't doing it right.  Or is that just me?
If your arms aren’t spasming, it means you aren’t doing it right. Or is that just me?

Whoever developed planks as exercise was probably some sort of sadist, right?

I don’t know why, but these are the hardest exercise I’ve had to do at the gym thus far.  Maybe it’s the lack of upper body strength.  Maybe it’s because I’m a big guy and trying to balance all of my weight on my arms isn’t fun.  Who knows, really.  I just hope I’m not the only one who goes through this.

All the times I’ve met with a personal trainer, they’ve had me do these, right off the bat.  Why?  What’s the point of this bloody little bastards, aside from me feeling like my arms are going to snap in half?


*consults almighty Google*

Okay, so apparently they’re some kind of core exercise.  And I guess with my soft and squishy core, I could use the help.  So, hopefully, in the long run, it’ll all make sense and I’ll see some results.

In the meantime, I’m just going to whine some more.

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