Walruses and Weddings: Facebook Friends

Legitimate questions, all of them.
Legitimate questions, all of them.

I am not looking forward to the day when babies start showing up on my Facebook feed.  It’s gonna happen, though – any day now.  And I am not ready.

Then again, I’m still not ready whenever someone’s new engagement/wedding photos suddenly pop up.  It’s like, “Wait, you’re engaged?  And now you’re married??  But, what, what happened?  How did you do that?  HOW?!?!  I’m still trying to figure out all this adulting stuff myself!”

It’s a good question, though: how do people my age know they’re ready to take this plunge?  At a time where some of us are trying to secure gainful employment or are still living with our parents, how is it that these guys are suddenly getting married and managing to start this new life as a married couple?  This is a huge commitment, and possibly one of the biggest steps that I can think of when it comes to being an adult.  Lord knows I’m so not ready for that yet.  Of course, still need to get started on that whole “dating” thing (which I’m still not ready to do yet), but yeah, not ready.  Not even close.

All in all, mazel tov to you all getting married.  Just know that I marvel at your adulting skills.

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