Mermay Part 4

Last batch!

All righty, here we go – the last few drawings of Mermay!

First off, some character introductions.  There’s Arlo, our firestarter merman.  Super shy and withdrawn, he has been picked on and ostracized by other mermaids (none of the ones here – they think he’s cool) due to his “unusual” power of pyrokinesis.  He tries to keep things under control, but sometimes, it can all come out at once…

One of Arlo’s biggest supporters, though, is Caspian, the punk merman.  He knows what it’s like to feel like an outcast, given his status as one of the few male Sirens, capable of controlling people with his voice.  He’s embraced it, however, and doesn’t care what people think at all.  He’s super energetic and has a very upbeat personality, despite his appearance.  He can be a bit reckless sometimes, but he means well.  Honest.

Last up is Fen.  Frankly, no one knows what Fen is.  They are very clearly not from Earth, having appeared sometime after a meteor shower on a nearby beach.  Anemone was the first one to discover them, taking them in once she discovered that they thrived in water, just like mermaids.  They’re very curious and willing to learn, even if it takes them a few tries to get something right.

And there we go!  All the mermaids, front and center!  The other couple of drawings here are ones that I hadn’t gotten around to posting before.  I really like the shark drawing – it definitely shows Octavian’s character.

And with that, Mermay is done!  For me, least.  Had a great time, it was fun drawing something new – but now, it is time to return back to our regularly scheduled I Draw Walruses.

These guys probably will show up again, though.  Again, I have developed an attachment to these characters, as I am wont to do.

Hope you all enjoyed!  And tell me which one your favorite is!

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