Mermay Part 3

All different kinds of mermaids today!

What?  More mermaids?




First up, we have Kai, a Carp Mer.  He’s hydrokinetic, the most widespread of mermaid powers.  A perfectionist, he is very hard on himself, constantly pushing himself to be the best.  The other mermaids view him as very serious, but extremely loyal.  It’s best to have him on your side – he’s very good at holding grudges.  Also terrible at relaxing.

Which brings me to Octavian.  He’s a bit of a mystery, just showing up one day and hanging out.  He acts as a sort of yogi for Kai, helping him to slow down and achieve some sort of inner peace.  He’s a gentle giant, on the soft spoken side, but hides a great deal of power.  Like Lyric, he finds humans fascinating – especially their cuisine.  He has made trips on land just for food.

Next up is Selkie.  She’s a Seal Mer, specifically a Harbor Seal Mer.  She’s on the quiet side – definitely more of a listener – and tends to be a bit awkward around others.  She’s much more comfortable hanging out with her sea creature buddies, especially seals.  She is not super fond of humans, especially when they hurt her animal friends, and doesn’t quite understand Lyric’s fascination with them.  She is curious about selkies – mythical seal people who can shift between seals and humans, which she is named after.  She’s yet to see one, but she’s hopeful.  She is cryokinetic, able to control ice and snow.

Last up is Lore.  Lore is a Crustaceous Mer, a very rare form of mermaid.  She’s a bit of an oddball, living apart from the rest of the mermaids.  She’ll sometimes say the strangest things, which always have a kernel of truth to them.  She spends most of her times with her crab friends – according to Lore, they are much more friendly than lobsters, which tend to be gross.

Stay tuned for more mermaids tomorrow!

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