Walrus Studies: Cauliflower

“You couldn’t at least leave SOME for dinner?!”

Apparently, we are in the time of the cauliflower.  This unassuming brainlike veg has risen up to be toted as the Next Big Thing in Food, right alongside avocado and cake pops.

And after watching some YouTube videos and deciding to take a crack at prepping some myself, I must concur, because it is pretty damn tasty.

Not that I disliked cauliflower to begin with – it was just that vegetable that sat next to the broccoli on the veggie platters that everyone brought, and if I was feeling extra healthy, I might partake in it.  But when it’s roasted just right, with all the right seasonings to accompany it – hoo boy.

And apparently, our walrus friend and his red panda sidekick agree.  Still could’ve left some for everyone else.

But now, I wanna try more.  I wanna see what else cauliflower has in store for me.  Perhaps some cauliflower tacos?  Who knows…

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