You’re very welcome, Bones.

The perils of being a night sweater in the warmer months.  Everything begins to…smell.

…might be a bit TMI, but whatever.  Write what you know, right?

Also, holy crap, I posted.  It’s been a hot minute and then some.  I blame global warming.

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Springtime Colds

Beacons of health, right here.

Yep.  This has pretty much been our house for the past few weeks.  Sore throats, non-stop coughing fits, restless nights – and yes, even pink eye decided to show its crusty face for a moment there.  It’s pretty much been Germ City around here.

Thankfully, we’re all mostly on the upswing.  Been able to sleep through the night for the most part, and my throat doesn’t feel like I’ve been gargling glass or swallowing razor blades.  The coughing’s still lingering, though, which I’m sure everyone could do without.  Seriously, my windpipe feels bruised at this point.

We manage to get through winter illness-free, then spring hits and we’re all out of commission.  As if allergies weren’t enough to deal with.

Also, I’m back!  Sorry for the unexpected break for the month of May, but it was much needed.  Trust me.

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Sweat It Out

My body is not a wonderland. More like a house of horrors.

Sweat is gross.

And lucky for me, whenever I start sweating, I can’t stop.  It’s not like a little trickle – it is a full fledged tsunami of perspiration.  The volume of sweat I can put out is truly astounding and utterly terrifying.  And sometimes, it’ll happen for no reason at all.  Like last Friday, when I was at the mall and suddenly sweat is just pouring down my face.  Or a couple nights ago, when I woke up literally soaked and had to change my clothes.

Or I’ll be exerting just the teeniest bit of physical effort and boom!  Instant sweat storm.  Makes working at the library even more enjoyable, having to dart into the back to mop myself off.  Throw in some anxiety – which I’ve talked about before eons ago as something that’ll get the sweat glands going – and I’m just a sopping mess.

Thanks a heap, body!

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