Heading Out

Sharing is caring.  Except when it comes to food.

The only real solution is to hide all the chocolate ones and let everyone else have the rest.  Technically it’s sharing.

Anyways, that wraps up the Turtle Bakers!  They will more than likely/definitely be back in some way.  Special shout-out to Chelsea and Pan the Bread Turtle for inspiring this little series.  Whoo!

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Something about the accent makes it that much more terrifying.

Someone doesn’t want to risk a batch of cupcakes falling.  Which, I mean, totally understandable.  But still.

In other news, my mother is now officially in the Ukraine for the next couple of weeks.  Wishing her all the best and have solemnly sworn not to burn the house down in her absence.

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Turtle Tour

If there are free samples involved, I’d probably pull a Kool-Aid Man and burst through the counter.

More turtles!  More baked goods!  More demonstrations of my lack of coordination!

Sorry about my really weird upload schedule as of late.  This week I at least had a decent excuse.  Had a job interview that will hopefully result in a promotion maybe.  I think it went well – I HOPE it went well.  I’ve been bouncing between “I DID AMAZING” and “OH GOD I FAILED.”  So, who knows?

We shall see.

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If Only

Wouldn't that be nice?
Wouldn’t that be nice?

Honestly, if only that was the way the world truly worked.  Send out some baked goods and bam!  World peace achieved.  If only.

It’s been a weird sort of week.  Spent a good deal of it worrying about stuff, a couple of strange things happened towards the end of it – not the greatest of weeks.

Then Sunday rolled around, and I decided to hit the Reset button.  Made some cupcakes to start the week with something sweet – amazing how therapeutic baking can be.  And generally trying to keep the worrying down to a minimum.

This is really turning out to be the hardest New Year’s Resolution to work on.  Writing?  Easy enough.  Losing weight?  It’s a process, but I’m working on it.  Worrying less?  Man.

If only it was easy as just flipping this worry switch off.

But I’m trying.

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